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[Update] Tonsure ep. 10
toda erika, spec
Tonsura continues!

With just two more to go!

Posted ep.10 on d-addicts and updated the main Tonsure post.

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Thank you. Looking forward to the last two episodes.

Just checking in. Any updates on your next episode (episode 11)??

Working on ep12 now, the plan was to release both of them together.

I actually thought about it yesterday, and perhaps we end up releasing ep11 alone this week. Don't know if it's good news or bad news :D

Edited at 2015-04-19 12:23 (UTC)

It will be okay to release subs for 11 and 12 together. I was wondering on the schedule since episode 10 was released in January. Thank you for taking on this older drama.

Just curious, do you have any update on the status of the last 2 subs?

Real life stuff happening.

I've just released ep 11, since it was wrapped up to go for some time now. Still waiting to have ep 12 edited.

Edited at 2015-05-26 23:33 (UTC)

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