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Fukatsu Eri's Black Comedy
toda erika, spec

Our first project is this 20-episode little drama called "Fukatsu Eri's Black Comedy". It's a funny, though a little bit experimental show starring Fukatsu Eri (known from Koi no Chikara, Change, Akunin movie) - in every episode she portrays somebody else, narrates the animated parts and even sings the ending song.

"Fukatsu Eri's Black Comedy" is a great watch for everybody, who like the more bitter kind of laughter; fans of wide talent of Eri Fukatsu, and anyone interested in more experimental kind of television drama, which provides different techniques of filming as well as animated episodes.

Download links can be found here @

Translation and editing done by Unsolved Cases. Do NOT upload the release onto streaming sites of some sort, but feel free to share the links to the file with your friends and family.

Big thanks for providing the raws goes to xaxa, and his Project "Restoration". Pay him a visit sometime.

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Very cool! Thanks a lot for the subtitles. Going to rewatch it now.

Black comedy

Thank you very much for this! It's completely out of mind! lol ! Fukatsu Eri is gorgeous anyway !

Thank you for subbing this series.

Some episodes are great fun, some are to confusing for me.

Arigatou gozaimasu!!! ^___^

Huge thanks for subbing this!!! It's true that some episodes are a bit weird, but it's with Fukacchan so it's a must-see by definition! ^___^

Sorry to disturb you but...could you please check the link for ep. 08? It's been unavailable for a while here, maybe it's just a temporary prob, but I thought about asking anyway...^__^;
Thanks again!

Re: Arigatou gozaimasu!!! ^___^

Yes, it seems that there were some issues with this episode, but it should be alright now. Anyway, you can follow this download link:

Re: Arigatou gozaimasu!!! ^___^

Yep, it's fine now, once again many thanks!!! Oh, and classy avy btw! ^__-

Re: Arigatou gozaimasu!!! ^___^

Your welcome. And thanks ;)

Thanks, I love Eri-sama!

Superb job, and nice to know that Eri is as gorgeous as ever. I liked your subs and style and am looking forward to see what you sub next!

One suggestion (for the site, not for shows to sub):

I think you should have a page of separate links for each episode where the episode number is clearly visible, because following random MU links from the folder is a pain for some users (like me, sorry to say).

Suggestion for a show that needs subbing: Manpuku Shoujo Dragonette.


Re: Thanks, I love Eri-sama!

Thank you! Will try our best not to disappoint you!;)

I've got your point about the links. You're right. It's true that at first it was easier to upload them into one folder, but it seems that when number of files grows, the inside content becomes a mess. The episodes are not arranged in any particular order (numerical, nor upload date). I'll try to post links to each episode for now on. Sorry for the inconveniece.

I'll check out the show you mentioned too.

Thanks for episodes 12 and 13 : )


Great subbing! Hugely appreciated. :-)

12 episode... what a freak show >_<;
Thanks for the subtitles!

True. We just spent 10 or 15 minutes picking the greatest freak, and couldn't do it in the end ;) Picking one or even two didn't feel right with the rest, looking at the levels of freakiness each one of them achieves :D

Yeah, and I'm sure there were much more)) I wonder how the jury kept their faces straight))


Thanks for these subs! I think taxi episodes are hilarious,but, at the moment,the 14 is the best,the most black one... David


..not the 14 the 16th! David

Thank you very much for the subtitles!
Have you already decided which project will be next?

The pleasure is ours. :)

Currently, we are thinking of releasing "Wagaya no Rekishi", it seems it has never been finished properly. Though translations are already done, the re-timings and editing is really time-consuming (each episodes is about 2 hours long!). There is also a WOWOW mini-series called "Fujiko F. Fujio no Parallel Space" that unfortunately didn't gather any particular attention on d-addicts (although some well-known faces are starring in it). It's also being worked on right now. Personally I would like to go with Wagaya first, but it's all under disscusion just yet.

Oh, cool! I love Koki Mitani and wanted to watch Wagaya no Rekishi a long time ago, great news!

Never heard of Fujiko F. Fujio no Parallel Space though, pretty obscure show indeed)) But it looks interesting, so I'll be waiting it too, good luck!

Thank you for these subs, and thank you xaxa for the restoration website. Watching Eri in these strange situations has been crazy fun. I like the taxi scenes - "Mariko!", these are so uncomfortable. And the sketch where she chooses her next life (or next boyfriend) in heaven, this could be a movie. Arigatou ~

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