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Kanjiya Shihori Appreciation Project: Part 3 - Pinjo no Merry Christmas (WAS: Merry Christmas!)

Hello, everyone!

Have a Merry Christmas this year, especially those of you who are lo-merry at the moment! We at unsolved cases bring you tidings of comfort and joy and a Christmas-flavoured release - Lo-Girl's Merry Christmas (Pinjo no Merry Christmas).

It's a three episode Christmas special broadcast on NTV last year, starring Kanjiya Shihori and Tsukamoto Takashi among an overall strong cast. Not coincidentally, it's also the latest installment of our long-running Kanjiya Shihori Appreciation Project, hence the green.

Kanjiya Shihori plays the role of Matsubara Kaede, a love refugee intent on getting herself a boyfriend before Christmas. If only it wasn't such a fuss!

Softsubs at d-addicts.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

As usual, we ask you to NOT upload the release onto any streaming sites. Feel free to share the links to the file with your friends and family, though.

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[Update] Ai wo kudasai

Hello, everyone!
Thanks for following us, even though we have a rather silent period these days. We had a very pleasant summer break mid-July to mid-August. It was long awaited opportunity to recharge the batteries. But, when you actually return to everyday life after such a break, the clash with reality can consume most of your time and efforts. We are slowly translating, each day a line or two, so hopefully we can present you something new soon.

Now, an announcement! Those of you who follow D-addicts forum already know, that Avallac’h took over “Ai wo kudasai” as his “Transcribing old dramas project” and finished the subtitles in no time! Yeah!! Follow the links in our master post to navigate to D-addicts. I’m planning to add a package with episodes 1-12 shortly.
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Meaning: shaving one's head round at the very top.
Rite of passage for Christians becoming clergymen.
This is a 12-day story of a popular novel writer who can't write anymore
and a good-for-nothing editor who wants her manuscript.
By the way, this man has no relation with Christian faith whatsoever."

Tonsure is a 2008 late-night drama, starring Yoshitaka Yuriko at the eve of her rise to fame and Nukumizu Youichi in one of his few leading roles. A rare treat for anyone who enjoys offbeat dramas, Tonsure was an obvious choice for us - left unattended for years, unconventional and with a top-notch cast.

We're picking the series up starting from ep. 2.

Softsubs at d-addicts.

Episode 1 (ZeeSeeS)
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Do NOT upload the release onto streaming sites of any sort, but feel free to share the links to the file with your friends and family.